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Radovljica, 2/15/2011
Presentation of the Budgeting Methodology

Drawing up the budget - Tomaž Dežman, Aldia Ltd. Presentation of budgeting methodology to municipal councillors, committee members and journalists.


Ljubljana, December 2010
Article in 112 Magazine  Tomaž Dežman, IT Development manager

"There are several factors that influence on the successful intervention. Although several measures for providing better security and responsiveness have already been adopted, there are still some issues remaining. These involve shortage of pagers, delay time when activating more pagers, carrying of pagers, weak radio signal in ceratin areas, who responded to the intervention and others. These issues could be partly resolved with an appropriate IT infrastructure that would provide better and quicker responsiveness of intervention units: firefighter units,  moutain rescue units, cave rescue units..."


Ljubljana, 9/20/2010 - Harvey Norman
Press Conference on the Office 2010 Release in Slovenian

 News Conference - Office 2010 Lovro Munda, Managing Director of Aldia

"Localization of the Office 2010 System has been a longterm and comprehensive project as it included localization of software components, web components and all of the accompanying material, e.g. help, documentation, technical articles and other. With Office 2010, where total number of words exceeds 10 million, we have translated approximately 1.5 million words that are part of applications, and almost twice as much words in accompanying materials."

 Lovro Munda - Office 2010 Press conference video.



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